Total Joint Replacement

Committed to patient-centered medical care

The Marshall Total Joint Replacement (TJR) Program is staffed by people dedicated to offering the most advanced joint care available. Our highly skilled health care professionals are devoted to addressing the individual needs and demands of our patients. Each of our staff members has years of experience in joint replacement and demonstrates professionalism and expertise every step of the way.

Patients have direct access to a full range of treatments, including traditional, minimally invasive, and robotic-assisted approaches to surgery that ease pain and expedite recovery. These advanced surgical techniques can restore function when joint pain is severe or debilitating.

At the Marshall TJR Program, we offer a full range of joint replacement services. Surgeons provide treatment options for:

Partial or total hip replacement
Partial or total knee replacement

From initial consultation to surgery and beyond, the staff at the Marshall TJR Program works with a single goal in mind: offering patient-centered medical care. We are aware that joint replacement patients have unique needs and issues that require special focus and delicate treatment in some cases.

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